Sim as Consultant

Sim Van der Ryn is President of the Ecological Design Collaborative. The EDC is a design and consulting practice providing comprehensive services though the non profit Ecological Design Institute established in 1969. The EDC is made up of a top team of architects, planners, engineers, and sustainability experts including Sim Van der Ryn, Ken Kao, Michelle Kaufmann, Buddy Williams, Dave Deppen, Paul Roberts, Pete Rotondo, David Schwartz, and Josiah Cain. The EDC collaborates with clients to design and implement ecologically and economically sensible design solutions for projects varying in scale and function from single family homes to whole communities, from ecological land planning to schools and agricultural facilities. 

The EDC is designing for a future that faces formidable challenges – peak oil, climate change, pollution, the depletion of water, air, soil and ecosystems – oceans, rivers, wetlands, forests, croplands. EDC works in collaboration other architectural firms to design ecologically and economically-sensible solutions. Our different disciplines integrate the knowledge and creativity of all of us through a whole systems approach that is more than the sum of its parts. Depending on the need, EDC can assemble a full service team (design through construction administration) or work with an architect of record and lead the initial design effort.

EDC Projects

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